Below are all of the projects I am currently working on or have worked on in the past. You can go to their corresponding pages to find lots of information about the projects as well as links to references used during their work.

Android projects

Page NameDescriptionLast Update
cwiid4androidCWiid for AndroidProgram to allow Wiimotes to connect to an Android device.2010-03-11
cm4dxCyanogenMOD for the Motorola Droid XAn attempt to port the CyanogenMOD firmware to the locked-down Motorola Droid X2011-06-16
cyanogenmodCyanogenMod ContributionsA place to track contributions made to the CyanogenMod project.2011-04-27
gendroidEmbedded Gentoo for AndroidA method of installing Gentoo on Android (within a CHROOT)2011-04-27
gemGEM Series of Android MODsCustom aftermarket firmware for select Android-based devices.2011-04-27
bionicbootstrapMotorola Droid Bionic Bootstrap RecoveryCustom bootstrap recovery (Clockwork Recovery) for Droid Bionic.2011-09-17

Linux projects

Page NameDescriptionLast Update
gentoo-overlayCVPCS Gentoo OverlayA custom overlay for Gentoo Linux.2011-11-15
emgenEmbedded GentooAttempt at creating an incredibly tiny Gentoo install, suitable for embedded devices.2008-03-17
pxegenGentoo PXE ServerSetting up a home PXE server for network booting.2011-11-15
eeegenGentoo for EeePCA Gentoo Linux install for the Asus EeePC2011-08-25
raspigenRaspberry Pi GentooA Gentoo distribution for the Raspberry Pi $25 computer.2012-02-04
sdl_mixer-flacSDL_mixer-FLACA patch for SDL_mixer to include FLAC file support.2008-02-26
dmesg-continuousdmesg-ContinuousA patch dmesg to add the ability to continuously follow the kernel ring buffer.2011-04-29

Windows projects

Page NameDescriptionLast Update
kinect4xbmcKinect for XBMCA project to allow remote control of an XBox Media Center through the Kinect for Windows.2012-02-29
omahaProject OmahaInformation relating to Project Omaha, the open source software updater by Google.2011-06-01
transmission-daemonTransmission-Daemon on WindowsInstructions on how to statically build the Transmission daemon to run under Windows.2014-07-25

Mobile apps

Page NameDescriptionQR CodeLast Update QDB ( quote viewer for AndroidbarcodeDon't have barcode reader? Click here.2010-04-21 DumpAn application to dump data from any sensor on your device.barcodeDon't have barcode reader? Click here.2010-04-21

Web projects

Page NameDescriptionLast Update
dokuwiki-svgDokuWiki SVG PluginPlugin for the DokuWiki wiki system to provide inline SVG support2008-02-10
dokuwiki-auth-yubikeyDokuWiki Yubikey Auth ModuleAuth module for Dokuwiki that extends Plaintext auth to support Yubikey validation2011-12-10
dokuwiki-plugin-yubikeyDokuWiki Yubikey Authentication PluginPlugin for DokuWiki to allow authentication via a YubiKey2011-12-10

Musical projects

Page NameDescriptionLast Update
to_youTo YouA simple original piano piece written as a gift for a friend of mine.2005-03-30
untitled_melodyUntitled MelodyEnsemble piece that was written to sound similar to RPG soundtracks of the past for a violin, flute, and piano.2008-08-14
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