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DokuWiki SVG Plugin
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Plugin for the DokuWiki wiki system to provide inline SVG support
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The SVG plugin provides a variety of methods for embedding SVG images directly within your wiki pages.

Installation Requirements:

This module is designed to work under many different situations and installation environments. There are only a few true requirements for installation, and the rest are optional as they are purely used for feature enhancements.

PHP Version

It is recommended that PHP 5 or greater be used when running this plugin, however it should work with PHP 4.3.0 and up.


Plugin:svg utilizes various extensions to provide SVG format support and parsing. The following extensions are required in order for the svg plugin to work:

  • xml (automatically installed unless explicitly disabled with the '–disable-xml' configuration directive)

There are a few extensions that are optional and can provide additional functionality to the svg plugin. These extensions are:

  • imagick (provides ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick support)
  • magickwand (provides ImageMagick support)


This will be added shortly. For now here is a basic idea of the syntax:

<!-- insert svg code here (be sure to start with <?xml version="... etc.) -->


You can download the plugin here: dokuwiki-svg.tar.gz

Future Plans

  • Add support for the built-in GD library as an alternative to ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick

Known Bugs

  • [ FIXED ] Upon installing the plugin, page=config causes a blank page to be displayed until the plugin is removed.
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