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Hello, world!

My name is Austen and I am an avid software developer, mathematician, and musician. I began my exploration into the wonderful world of coding when I was in junior high, where I taught myself Java, C/C++, and various web-based languages. Upon graduation I attended a university where I currently am working on a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

I have worked a variety of jobs in Computer Science including but not limited to: software engineer of aviation manufacturing systems, software developer/designer for various websites, consultant for various software projects, systems maintainer for z/System mainframes, administrator of various Linux servers, and manager of a small team of software developers.

In my spare time, I develop and maintain Android-based devices for CyanogenMod, as well as work on various other software-related projects. I also enjoy researching various aspects of cryptology and information security including but not limited to: cryptanalysis, cryptographic systems, hacking, and social engineering.

For other fun, I often spend time practising guitar or piano, or singing. I occasionally write music (though mostly instrumental pieces). Other topics of interest are camping, travel, and just generally having a good time with some good friends!

Why the website?

I created this website to essentially help me track what I'm working on and be a place for me to mull over ideas for projects that I've been thinking about. It is also designed to be a way for interested parties to keep track of what I'm working on.

You'll notice the main homepage is essentially a blog. You can expect an update to that a minimum of once a week, though I may post more if the mood strikes me. I also have a projects page which is essentially a wiki for me to post all of the information related to the things I'm working on.

Have a look around and I hope you enjoy the site! Oh as a special treat I have all of the backgrounds for the website available here if you take a liking to them!

Contact information

If you want to just send me a quick message, the best way would be through twitter. Simply follow me (@cvpcs), and send me a message. I read all of my messages, though I sometimes can't get around to replying to all of them, but rest assured! If you sent it to me, I've read it!

If you wish to chat with me (in real-time, no less!), then I suggest you familiarize yourself with that wonderful ageless beast of a chat network, IRC. I am almost always present on irc.freenode.net, typically in my channel, #cvpcs. Drop by any time and ping me or PM me.

I don't really have a good way for sending me longer messages (such as emails) at the moment, as my email server is currently experiencing technical difficulties. I will hopefully have it up and running shortly.

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