To You

To You
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A simple original piano piece written as a gift for a friend of mine.
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This was the second piece I ever wrote, and decided to go simpler than the first (Untitled Melody). This was a simple piano piece that I wrote for someone as a gift around 2004. It is designed to be pretty easy to play, so that one might ad-lib various parts of it.

Download and Listen

Audio file

The original piece is hosted on SoundCloud where it is also available for download. You can listen and/or get it here: To You by cvpcs on SoundCloud

This piece was generated using a MIDI sequencer and sound library, and not performed.

Sheet music

The sheet music is available for download here: To You - Original Score

Please be sure to contact me if you use this music anywhere, as I would love to see what is done with it!

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