Untitled Melody

Untitled Melody
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Ensemble piece that was written to sound similar to RPG soundtracks of the past for a violin, flute, and piano.
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This is first song I ever wrote, written circa 2003. It was the product of several weeks of work, and I am quite proud of the result. It's a bit unique as it's designed for violin, flute, and piano, and was designed to have a similar sound and feel of the various RPG soundtracks that were available at the time.

The piece is split up into three movements, with each one having a different take on an overarching melody. The first movement begins by setting up the main melody for the entire piece, and then running with it, from there the melody is morphed into various forms and keys in the subsequent movements.

Each movement is named for the character state you would expect to be in when hearing that movement in-game. The first movement is referred to as “Calm”, the second is “Wanderer”, and the third is “Conflict”.

Download and Listen

Audio file

The original piece is hosted on SoundCloud where it is also available for download. You can listen and/or get it here: Untitled Melody by cvpcs on SoundCloud

This piece was generated using a MIDI sequencer and sound library, and not performed. Sadly this means that at times the volumes per-instrument are off. Hopefully someone will one day perform it.

Sheet music

The sheet music is available for download here: Untitled Melody - Original Score

Please be sure to contact me if you use this music anywhere, as I would love to see what is done with it!

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