DokuWiki YubiKey Authentication Plugin

DokuWiki Yubikey Authentication Plugin
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Plugin for DokuWiki to allow authentication via a YubiKey
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This project is a rewrite of the DokuWiki YubiKey Auth Module to be implemented as a plugin and solve some of the bugs associated with being implemented as an auth module.

It is based on the OpenID plugin.


Below are some screenshots of the plugin in action.

Login Screen

Login Screen

Yubikey Management

Yubikey Management


To set up the YubiKey authentication plugin, you must first install it like any standard plugin (by downloading it and extracting it to your plugins directory).

You must also complete setup by going to the DokuWiki configuration page and setting up a Client API ID. You can obtain a Client API ID from Yubico's Get API Key website.

There is also a section for specifying a secret key. If you enter the secret key from when you signed up for your API ID, then signature verification will be enabled when performing verification to the Yubico servers.


Version 1.1:
Version 1.0:

The latest source can always be downloaded from this location:

Source Code

The source is currently available at GitHub:


If you find any issues with this plugin, please report them to the GitHub project issue tracker.


  • v1.1
    • added support for signature verification
    • fixed output of error messages
  • v1.0
    • initial release with base functionality
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