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So after a long hiatus of finally transitioning between some important stuff IRL, it's about time to take a look back on some of my coding projects.

What better way to start than to set up some fun infrastructure! With that in mind, I present my Jenkins server!

For those who don't know, Jenkins is an automated build server with an extremely modular architecture. This allows the system to use various plugins to determine not only properties of various builds, but also configure source control polling, build triggering, build steps, post-build steps, etc. Finally, it also has a nice build slave infrastructure for running builds across multiple machines to reduce load.

You may have seen Jenkins (or Hudson, the similar project that is owned by Oracle) in use in other locations online. The CyanogenMod Build Servers for instance run Jenkins to perform their nightly builds.

I have thrown a few projects on there right now. These projects are either projects I work on or projects that I personally follow and build frequently. Two people may find the most interesting are android.sts.ics and org.videolan.vlc.

  • android.sts.ics performs weekly builds of the STS-Dev-Team's Github repositories for CM9 on Droid4, Droid3, Bionic, and Razr.
  • mech-tactic performs regular builds of an AI coding competition engine that was built by a friend of mine.
  • org.cvpcs.bukkit. performs regular builds of some Bukkit Minecraft Server plugins I have authored.
  • org.videolan.vlc performs regular builds of the VLC for Android source repository.

Build logs are kept indefinitely and artifacts are kept for the last 5 successful builds.



Jenkins build server is now online for projects I personally work on or follow.

Updated 2014-05-14: My Jenkins server has been removed for now since I am currently not maintaining it anymore and am switching web infrastructures. I will restore it if and when it makes sense to do so. This article remains here for posterity.


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