Thunderbolt assistance


This is a bit of a shorter post but is also one of the more fun ones!

Sometime last week slayher of the CM for Thunderbolt team put a call out to see if anyone was interested in joining the TB team to try and get it ready for nightly status.

I have always been interested in the Thunderbolt, so I shot an email to him and we've been discussing the state of the Thunderbolt for the past week now. So this leads me to some rather exciting news (for me at least).

In the next few days I'll be joining in on the effort to see CM7 on the Thunderbolt realized and merged into the rest of the tree! I hope that I can bring something to the table and help further the growth of CM's massive supported device list!

I want to assure people that I will still be putting plenty of effort into shadow (CM4DX) as well as maintaining sholes, while still doing my best to help out the mecha (Thunderbolt) crew. Here's to an awesomely android-filled summer!


i'll be joining the effort to fix up CM7 for the thunderbolt and get it merged into the official tree!


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