Libaudio nears testing stages

I have a frame built for the libaudio driver, and am now in the process of merging it into the source tree to start building it and then testing it. It is still missing a lot of core IO control code to actually communicate with the CPCAP audio driver, as a lot of that will be trial and error.

My goal is to get libaudio building and ready by this weekend, so I can put a ton of effort into building, loading, testing, fixing, lather rinse repeat, and maybe have something semi-working by the end of next weekend.

Having a working libaudio does NOT mean instantaneous working CM4DX. I am actually building this libaudio for the original Motorola Droid, as the audio drivers for sholes and shadow are virtually identical, and sholes is easier to test on.

After getting this libaudio working, it will need to be ported to the DX, at which point the real fun can start as libaudio is really what's preventing me from building the entire tree for DX.

But keep in mind that CM4DX is definitely a work in progress. It may never come to fruition, depending on any more hold-ups, but I will continue to work on it. My personal fear is that I'll get it working right around the time the DX is End-of-Life'd. Regardless though, I'm going to keep working on it if for no other reason than the joy of getting it working despite all of the crap Motorola put it through.

I will continue to keep posting updates on how this is progressing, and once I get something semi-working I'll put an official call out for testing, as I'll need many people to test many different devices. I'll also be posting specific instructions on what kind of information I'm looking for, as this is a reverse-engineering job, which will require detailed reports back from testers.


libaudio is in the process of being compilable

hope to have something testable by the end of next week

this does not mean insta-CM4DX but it is a step in the right direction


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